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Promote the development of large data industry in cloud computing

release time:2018-02-28 11:49:14Source: Shenzhen Shengwei South Technology Co., Ltd.

In January 21st, the people's Government of Yunyang county and HUAWEI Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen to jointly build a large data platform for cloud computing and jointly build the big data industry of the Yunyang cloud computing. In the future, HUAWEI will give full play to its advantages in the field of cloud services, build smart Yunyang by relying on Yunyang cloud platform, and develop cloud computing and big data industry through aggregated industrial partners, and make Yunyang a city industry cloud benchmark for the county level. It is reported that the two sides will start construction of data center in 2018 to achieve the opening of cloud services to provide quality services for Yunyang and surrounding areas. The two sides will also work together to create a model of wisdom, such as big tourism, great health and so on. In 2020, the smart cities, such as wisdom government, intelligent city management, intelligent traffic, intelligent community, intelligent tourism, intelligent medical treatment, intelligent poverty alleviation and so on, are applied on the line to create a national brand of intelligent Yunyang with certain influence. Yang Ruikai, President of HUAWEI's government and enterprise, said HUAWEI will also work to help Yunyang build a large data industry demonstration base, build a unified cloud computing platform, set up and improve the training and training mechanism of cloud computing, large data matching talents. Building big data industry park, absorbing national big data related enterprises, and striving to make Yunyang a national demonstration base of big data industry in 2022, and promote a batch of new industries in the fields of data collection, storage, analysis, processing and application. Tan Changde, deputy secretary of the Yunyang County Committee and the county head of the Chongqing daily, told the Chongqing daily newspaper that Yunyang will take this opportunity to dig into the commercial, civil and political values of large data, use the "big data" as a "wisdom tree", improve the level of economic and social intelligence, and make all efforts to build "wisdom Yunyang", and strive to build Yunyang into communication and transportation.  Business big data node city and Chongqing big data disaster recovery center.