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Shanghai Unicom Zhoupu IDC Phase II Data Center

Project Name: Shanghai Unicom Zhoupu IDC two data center

Service customers: Tencent and other large Internet Co

Project configuration: AC 250VAC, 32A junction box input, 24 GB three flat 10A output, sub A road black color, B road orange distinguish color identification.

Project introduction: the total building area of Shanghai Zhou Pu Yun data center is about 21500 square meters, the building floor is 4 layers, the design of the total cabinet is 3600, and the national a class machine room certification is obtained. It is mainly used to carry the data storage and business expansion of the customers in various industries. It needs to meet the needs of rapid construction, high efficiency, energy saving, high density and land saving, and intelligent operation and maintenance. The project adopts the overall solution of HUAWEI modular data center, and uses 2N design to deploy 54 600KVA HUAWEI modular UPS5000-E, which improves the reliability of the system. Compared with the traditional UPS, HUAWEI modularized UPS has the characteristics of low load, high efficiency and intelligent dormancy. The annual average of the 54 UPS is 3 million 200 thousand yuan for the whole IDC. At the same time, 272 row level air conditioners are used, and the closed cooling channel is cooled near the end to meet the requirements of high density deployment. 6 months completed 2400 cabinet lines, realized rapid deployment, smooth expansion, high reliability, high energy saving and intelligent management. The south is fortunate to have provided 7000 PDU in just a month as a terminal distribution supplier, running for 3 years and running steadily.